Access Panels

At Etag Fixings we have a wide range of bespoke access panels for all your requirements. We specialize in frame and door construction, frame and door finish options, RAL based colour choice, textured finishes, hinge options, large span and double door panels. All our access panels are fire rated, which means our panels have to go through a fire test, involving two aspects, integrity and insulation. The Integrity Fire Rating, ensures that the access panel will prevent a spread of fire from reaching the other side for a period of time. The Insulation Fire Rating prevents the temperature from rising to a level that can cause combustion on the opposite side of the panel for a period of time.

We have developed solutions for access to services in many different fields including hospital and healthcare facilities, military and secure area facilities, education, skyscraper construction, leisure, hotels and hospitality and many more.  Our priority at Etag is to make the customers job as easy as possible, so specification is essential. This makes for easy installation into walls and we take pride in making sure our bespoke access panels blend into any building’s design.