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Why Choose LED?

LED can bring high quality lighting instantly (no waiting to warm up). It has an exceptional lifetime, so you won’t be needing to replace bulbs as often and LED can greatly reduce your energy costs. It may prove more expensive initially but ultimately, you will make your money back by the minimum amount of maintenance needed.

A correct lighting solution can prevent work-related injuries. Natural lighting should take precedence where possible, artificial light must be adequate and properly maintained. Workers should be able to detect obvious hazards and be able to work with eyestrain.

We have numerous options to that will light your site up during the winter. Consider what you will need, for instance, do you need temporary lighting or does it need to be moved often? Do you need a cordless light?

Festoon Kits are a great temporary lighting solution. They can light up a large area by hanging from one area to another. They can light up a dark hallway or corridor and can provide a safe exit for workers. Tripod lights are another temporary light solution as they spread the light over a large area and can illuminate from above. We have double and single light options available depending on how much light is needed.

Freestanding lights are a popular and flexible solution and can be corded and cordless. They are robust lighting for site. Uplights are a combination of freestanding and tripod lighting. They are easy to transport and can light up a large area. They are a great option for plasterers or anyone working in the eves.

Keeping you covered during winter, we also stock oil filled and convector radiators, 3kva & 10 kva transformers, extension leads and 110v yellow & blue plugs/sockets.


The Fastest Nailer For Insulation

The Sympafix Insulation Nailer is 10 times faster at fixing insulation sheets and rolls into concrete. The huge labour savings means it is perfect for use in concrete framework and blockwork, external and roof insulation. The insulation nailer has been tested with torch on felt roofs. Sympafix will provide certification for the fixings and Etag will carry out a test area and train your team in using the nailer.

This powerful and compact nail gun is suitable for concrete pins lengths of 25mm to 200mm, this allows for the fixing of up to 200mm thickness of insulation sheets and rolls. It is fast to set up and comes supplied with 2 Li – Ion batteries, a fast charger and carry case.  The special construction of the tool makes it easy to maintain. It is fuelled by high performance gas, without special storage and transport requirements. No drilling or adhesives are required and can be done through direct fixing or preassembled fixing.

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Growing Etag Fixings strengthens 14 year supply partnership with Rapierstar

Leading UK and Irish fastener distributor Etag Fixings is driving ahead with its ambitious growth plans with the support of masonry and timber screws supplier Rapierstar.

Following its successful expansion into the UK market by establishing a London operation in 2011, Etag UK recently expanded its warehouse in Thames Gateway Park, Dagenham, Essex to 20,000 sq. ft. providing more off the shelf high quality products. There has been huge growth for Etag in recent years, moving from their original premises in Bermondsey to Dagenham in November 2016. This move allowed Etag to grow the business further due to the logistical benefits of East London.

Etag has also upgraded and expanded its main distribution centre in Ireland with a move into a new 33,000 sq. ft. building in Dublin. Accommodating three new warehouses and its head office functions, the new base for Etag underpins its plans to grow market share for fasteners used in all aspects of construction, engineering and right across the industrial sector.

At the heart of Etag’s success and strength is its strategy of partnering with the market’s leading distributors and manufacturers, amongst which is Rapierstar with whom it has partnered since 2004. It supplies Etag with its StarTurn wood screws and StarFix masonry screws, which give customers access to consistently high quality fasteners that are subjected to the most demanding testing regime, both at manufacturing source and in Rapierstar’s UK test centre.

Paul Bonner, Managing Director at Etag Fixings said: “We’ve really differentiated ourselves by becoming the go-to distributor for fasteners and fixings across all technical disciplines, sometimes surprising ourselves with what we can supply. That’s what comes of investing time and effort in developing a great network of trusted suppliers, within which we include Rapierstar, who have made a really positive contribution to our success.

“Rapierstar products are extremely popular with our customers as they seek fasteners that allow them to complete their work easily, safely and to a high standard. Our expert team have a great knowledge of all our products, and Rapierstar have always supported Etag with their high quality screws. We look forward to a continued relationship with Rapierstar as both companies continue to grow in the UK and Ireland”

Etag started life in 2004 as a small distributor of fixings, hand-tools and safety equipment, but it has since grown to offer the most comprehensive product range of its kind in Ireland. These span numerous product divisions including access panels, building supplies, ceiling and drywall, masonry, concrete, formwork, M&E, power tools, roofing, carpentry, signage and protection, and it is already well on the road to replicating its success in the UK from its Dagenham site.

David Furness, founder and MD of Rapierstar adds: “It’s fantastic to see Etag expand and grow and we are delighted to be working closely with Paul and his team to provide customers with the best possible products for the application. With our focus on the UK and Irish markets too, there are strong synergies between Rapierstar and Etag which ensures reliability of supply and means we are both fully in tune with the needs of our markets.”

Operating from its UK HQ and 100,000 sq. ft. bonded warehouse and distribution centre near Macclesfield, Rapierstar is the leading fastener supplier to the British and Irish construction market. With one billion screws stocked at any one time, and supporting sites in Belfast and Norwich, it is able to offer unrivalled supply chain reliability to customers in all parts of the British Isles.

Its own branded products are designed and manufactured to exacting speed of insertion, strength of drill point and high plating standards, with quality assured through comprehensive testing at both its manufacturing plants and its ‘in-house’ R&D test facility. This industry leading regime enables Rapierstar to comply with all appropriate British, European and international quality standards and to continuously improve product performance through innovation.

Etag Panel Range

Etag Access Panels

Our Etag Panels are available in a wide range of sizes, with specific , lock, catch and finish options. Designed to provide access to metal framed systems, blockwork or timber framed systems, the access panels can be used in fire rated and non- fire rated ceilings and walls.

The panels are designed to allow installation into the ceiling or wall without alteration to the main structure. All doors are fully demountable by use of the spring loaded hinge pin mechanism for quick and easy removal.

The three standard models available are:

Beaded Frame/Beaded Door

The flange on the door leaf are perforated with elongated slots to allow the plaster finish to bond to the plasterboard, creating a monolithic appearance. This is generally used in a new build.

Beaded Frame/Flush Door 

The flange on the frame is perforated with elongated slots to allow the plaster finish to bond to the plasterboard. The unit is completed with a solid metal door, powder coated white, which can accept on site decoration, if required. This is generally used within a new build.

Flush Frame/Flush Door 

The flange on the frame is solid, creating a visible solid picture frame. The solid metal flange on the frame conceals the cut edges, of the created aperture, removing the need to make good the opening. The unit is complete with a solid, metal faced door, powder coated white, which can accept on site decoration, if required. This is generally used as a retro-fit solution.

For more information on our Etag Panel range, contact our experienced sales team.

TraffiGlove Explained

TraffiGlove invented the original traffic light system for hand protection which is proven to reduce accidents. With so many products, how do you know which would suit the job?

The Red cut is a lower level of protection and are ideal for general handling, warehouse and low risk construction jobs. The red colour is to serve as a warning that that the wearer will need to change to a higher cut level when moving to a different task.

The Amber cut offers a medium level of protection and is ideal for second fix construction, M&E trades, steel fixing and handling objects with sharp objects.

The Green cut offers the highest level of protection and are ideal for applying cladding, metal work and handling glass or sheet metal.

If you are still unsure about which glove would suit your need, contact our experienced sales team


The Simple Solution To Cutting Square Holes

Quadsaw supplier Etag Fixings UK

Quadsaw is a new innovative product that allows you to cut single and double socket holes in plasterboard. It is available to order from Etag Fixings UK now.

Quadsaw will drill a square hole inside 30 seconds. It is a drill attachment that comes with 6 blades  that can cut to a standard single socket and double socket size and can cut to any height. It can cut through up to 32mm plasterboard. The blades can be changed quickly and simply.

Quadsaw gives accuracy with a spirit level and height guide, so there is no marking up. There is little dust and no hacking required. It leaves no damage to the plasterboard. Traditional tools make the job longer, Quadsaw is faster and efficient, and creates a perfect square or rectangle.

Want to see the Quadsaw in action? One of our experienced sales team will bring the Quadsaw to your site for a demonstration.



The Star Of Chipboard Screws


Chipboard screws are specifically designed for screwing into engineered wood– self-tapping with a thin core diameter and coarse threads. We supply the Rapierstar StarTurn™ screw – the best multi-purpose chipboard screw – which offers up to 50% quicker drive in time with exceptional holding power.

The StarTurn brand was developed in response to the demands of the timber construction industry, where a faster, more reliable and safer fastening into both timber and engineered wood materials was required. Starting is virtually instant, as the thread begins at the very tip of the screw and cuts a receiving thread into the wood, with the patented Starform cutting portion of the thread reducing drive-torque during screw insertion.

Etag Fixings Star Turn Screws

The StarTurn screws deeper recess and innovative double countersunk head greatly improves screwdriver seating and frictional grip, making it safe. The unique plating and lubricant coating process ensure long life and ease of insertion and includes Zinc and Yellow finishes. The unique patented Starform cutting thread lowers drive-torque and reduces splitting when screws are inserted close to the end or edge of the wood. The sharp point allows for easier penetration and into hardwood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, plastics and thin sheet metal.

For more information or to order, please contact our experienced sales team on 0208 691 5794 or email

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At Etag Fixings UK, we offer the highest quality products for your high quality projects with our expert team behind you all the way. Paul and Damien established Etag Fixings in Ireland back in 2004. They took a risk in 2011 and opened a new office in the UK. Their risk has paid off due to their instinct and knowledge of the construction industry. Etag is now stronger than ever and Etag Fixings UK are excited to be part of the UK’s construction story.
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Taping And Jointing

Taping Jointing Products Etag Fixings UK

Here at Etag Fixings UK , we have many products for taping and jointing.

Our Paper Tape can be used to reinforce joints with it’s cross fibre giving the tape excellent strength.

Scrim Tape is a self adhesive, high tack fibreglass that can be used for sealing joints between plasterboard. It also comes in 3 different sizes.

The Flex Metal Corner Tape can be used for bonding 2 corrosion resistant metal strips to paper jointing tape. It is safe to use as it has no sharp edges compared to normal bead or mesh. The Corner Tape is designed for finishing the inside and outside of drywall corners. It’s flexible steel backing fits any angle where traditional beading can not be used. It can also be cut to any length for minimum wastage and there are no special tools required.

The Sanding Block can be adjusted to shape and can be used on wood and metal.

Our Thin Coat Corner Bead is ideal for taping and jointing. Designed for single coat plaster work, it’s typical application includes the division between varying walls finished at varying wall and ceiling abutments, door and window reveals and other built in joinery features.

J Bead is used to reinforce plasterboard edges with the perforated flange fixed flush to the board prior to the final skim coat. J Bead can also be fixed with flange flush to the inner surface to the board for use in projection wall panelling. Coming in 3m lengths.


We Are Hiring

Etag Fxings Are Hiring

Are you looking for a new opportunity and want to work with a dynamic team? Etag Fixings UK are looking to hire a Warehouse Manager.


Responsible for the overall operation of the warehouse facilities within the company including all recruitment of staff, their training and all related disciplinary aspects should they occur (inc. all necessary tickets for forklifts, etc.)
Responsibility for Health and Safety within the warehouse, overall security of the warehouses and ensuring security procedures are adhered to with regard to stock control.
All work practices should adhere to good distribution practices.
Direct responsibility for co-ordinating all activities that include storage of products, the efficient dispatch of orders, the receipt of goods in deliveries, customer returns & stocktakes.
Design and implement procedures to eliminate recurring problems
Organise transport routing via drivers and third party carriers.
Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all equipment under your control including forklifts, company vans and cars (inc. test certs).
You will be expected to attend management meetings and carry out actions as agreed by the management team.
Ensure all paperwork is gathered efficiently and recorded when required, primarily ensuring the return of all signed delivery dockets.
Responsibility for general housekeeping and cleanliness in relation to company vehicles and buildings.

Person Specification

Great verbal and written communication
Attention to detail
Deadline and goal orientated
Decisive and uses initiative
Advanced computer skills

Salary based on qualifications and experience.

To apply, email your CV to