General Manager Of Etag Fixings UK And Ireland

General Manager Of Etag Fixings UK And Ireland

We would like to announce that Shirley Bowman is now General Manager of Etag Fixings UK and Ireland.

Shirley has been with Etag Fixings for over 10 years and moved to London to help establish Etag UK. Her wealth of experience will be invaluable and bring a steady and guiding hand to both companies.

Please join us in congratulating Shirley and we wish her all the best in her new role.

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We are delighted that Etag Fixings UK have been shortlisted for the Construction Enquirer Awards category ‘Best Construction Supplier To Work With’

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We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and we never say “no” to our customers. At Etag, we always go that extra mile to find the right product for our customer’s high quality projects. We specialise in a wide range of products and sometimes surprise ourselves with what we can supply, so if you can’t find a product anywhere else, just call Etag!

We would like to thank you all for your continued support in the UK and your vote could ensure that we will be listed in the Top 10.

Paul, Damien and Shaun


Darkness Into Light Walk 2018

On Saturday 12th May, eight members of Etag Fixings Ireland and UK gathered at 4.15am in Cricklewood (London), Phoenix Park (Dublin), Navan and Fairyhouse Racecourse (Co. Meath) to take part in the Darkness Into Light walk for Pieta House.

Pieta House provide lifesaving support to those living in the shadows and support other organisations doing similar work all around the world. Darkness Into Light is a global movement to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of suicide and self-harm.

Gathering with the crowds in the darkness, there was a buzz of excitement as people got ready to walk or run into the light. As we walked around the 5k course in each location, we were able to see the sun slowly rise and hear the birds sing, giving everyone a feeling of hopefulness and peace. It was an amazing experience for all and one that we hope to continue next year.

Damien, Jana, Shirley, Kyle, Bethany, Jonny, Kelly and Laura all signed up for the walk and pledged to raise funds for Pieta House. Altogether, Team Etag raised €2,134.78 / £1,937. Take a look at our video with some images here

A huge thank you to all our sponsors!!

And, well done to Team Etag!!


Access Panels

At Etag Fixings we have a wide range of bespoke access panels for all your requirements. We specialize in frame and door construction, frame and door finish options, RAL based colour choice, textured finishes, hinge options, large span and double door panels. All our access panels are fire rated, which means our panels have to go through a fire test, involving two aspects, integrity and insulation. The Integrity Fire Rating, ensures that the access panel will prevent a spread of fire from reaching the other side for a period of time. The Insulation Fire Rating prevents the temperature from rising to a level that can cause combustion on the opposite side of the panel for a period of time.

We have developed solutions for access to services in many different fields including hospital and healthcare facilities, military and secure area facilities, education, skyscraper construction, leisure, hotels and hospitality and many more.  Our priority at Etag is to make the customers job as easy as possible, so specification is essential. This makes for easy installation into walls and we take pride in making sure our bespoke access panels blend into any building’s design.


As part of our celebration of Women in Construction, Etag Fixings would like to take a look at some pivotal women in history for construction. In our previous blog, we celebrated the achievement of Sarah Guppy, who patented a new design which helped to construct the first suspension bridge in the world in the 1820’s.

There are many more women who changed construction with their skills. Women like Hedy Lemarr, who as well as being a famous actress, was a pioneer for wireless communication. Lemarr co-invented the spread spectrum technology which would go on to galvanise the digital communications industry years later. Without her engineering skills, technology that we use today in the construction industry would not be possible.

Emily Roebling was the project manager for one of the most incredible feats of engineering of the 1800’s. When her husband became sick, she managed the day to day aspects of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Roebling carried out her own studies of the materials used, the calculations and stress analysis.

Caroline Harriet Haslett was an electrical engineer in the early 1900’s. She founded the Electrical Association for Women and promoted how electricity could “liberate them from household drudgery”. Haslett was also an activist for women in engineering.


There are many more women from all parts of the world that have paved the way for women in construction. There are also many modern women who are brilliant role models for the future women in construction. The gender gap is closing and women still continue to excel in the construction industry.

Celebrating Women In Construction

Etag would like to celebrate International Women’s Day by showcasing the amazing talents of the women of Etag Fixings UK. As the month of March goes on, we will be introducing the women, who are part of our team through LinkedIn with our #MeetTheEtagTeam

Women only count for 12% in the construction workforce, with 2% in manual trade according to CIOB. There is a lack of female role models in the construction industry but it is increasing. Women have been in the construction industry for a long time. In 1811, Sarah Guppy patented a ‘New Mode Of Constructing and Erecting Bridges and Railroads Without Arches’. She later gave her designs for free to Thomas Telford, who went to build the world’s first suspension bridge in Menai in 1826.

The majority of women are in the design, managerial and sectorial jobs in construction but at Etag Fixings, we support women in all areas of construction. The women that work here are strong women with an amazing knowledge of our products and customer’s needs.

We shall also be reminding you of the successful women like Sarah Guppy in the construction/engineering industry who have paved the way over the years!

Powers C4 & C5

The Powers C4 Gun is well known and sold here for an unbeatable price.  Due to its exceptional power, this gun is recommended as highly reliable.  It easily fastens 65mm nails into hard concrete, it can handle up to 50mm wood to concrete, steel or sand/time stone.  The C4 comes packaged in a hard case with two batteries and a charger.


Fix Factory C4 nails comes ranging in size from 20 to 65mm.  All these nails are suitable for medium duty applications.  Guaranteed flawless operation even at temperatures below 0 degrees  to its gas been under 18 bar pressure.


The Powers C5 Gun is the lightest and smallest tool in its class, resulting in less operator fatigue.  It has a better overall ergonomic feel and extreme manoeuvrability.  The C5 has the greatest power output at 112 joules which allows for shooting into even the hardest concrete.  There are many features which make this product unique from the rest, it it suitable for 15-40mm nails, features the best dust protection due to its new metal mesh suction filter, service indicator light and easy depthment adjustment dial.  Comes packaged in a durable carry case with two batteries, battery charge, ear plugs, safety glasses and a jam clear tool.

powers c5 gun

The C5 nails come ranging in size from 15-40mm and are boxed per 800.

Any additional information you many require on the above products , do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales team on 020 869 15794 or take a look here at

Happy building & thanks for reading


Wall Liner Systems

Today’s blog post is based on our comprehensive range of wall lining systems.  These wall lining systems are used to line brick, block and concrete walls with the aim to line the background or to improve the thermal or acoustic insulation.  All are suitable for internal application.  Below are a few of our most popular wall lining products.  Or take a look here at for  more.


Wall Line Brackets 2 – GL2

This drylining bracket is fire rated to EN1363 and is used for fixing stud to masonry, with a maximum stand off of 75mm.  It is a galvanised mild steel to BS EN 101 42:2000, and comes boxed per 100.


Also there is the wall line bracket 9 -GL9 which too is used for fixings stud to masonry, with a maximum stand off of 125mm and a weight of 5.80kg.


Wall Line GL1 Wall System

Fix factory wall liner components are manufactured to BS 7364-1990 from pre galvansied materials to BS EN 10327:2004.  This wall liner system is suitable for any type of proprietary plasterboard.  Wall liner can be cut to your required length using the correct powered cutting tools or snips.  Lastly insulation and acoustic materials can be installed for improved sound and thermal performance.

Wall Line GL8 Track 3.6m

Various cavity depths can be created from 25-125mm using bracketry.  If using on substrate materials, treatments may be required for dampness.  Ensure all substrates are strong and suitable for mechanical fixings.  The wall liner can then be cut to your required length, using the correct tools.

This concludes our post today on wall liner systems.  For more info please don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced sales team on 020 869 15794 or take a look here at

Happy building & thanks for reading.



Ceiling Tiles & Grid

Here at Etag our number one priority is to supply you with only the best products.  Our main aim is to supply top quality secure and cost effective products to all our customers.  So the same goes for the SAS Ceiling systems and accessories.  Below is a few examples of many products we supply, for more click here at

Ceiling Grid RAL9010 Main Bar 3.6MM



Ceiling Grid White Angle Cross Tees 1.2M



Ceiling Grid White Angle Trim 3M



The ceiling grid accessories are used for cable or lighting to steel profiles, to joist ceilings, floors and ceiling systems.  These accessories are of a high standard and sold at a reasonably low price.  See below and see here at for more.


Vertical Flange Clip 

Used for fixings suspended ceilings, cable or lighting to steel profiles. Comes boxed per 100 and is made from a spring steel.



Acoustic Anti Vibration Ceiling Hanger

These ceiling hangers are used with timber joist ceilings, floors and ceiling systems for increased acoustic performance.  Boxed per 10, with a zinc plated finish and a mild steel to DIN EN 10111/10051.



Ceiling Brackets

A standard ceiling cleat for suspended wire or angle and comes boxed per 100.  The size of these ceiling brackets are 25 x 25.



That concludes Etags post on Ceiling Tiles and Grids.  Take a look here at to see all the products we stock.  Or give our experienced sales team a call on 020 869 15794.

Happy building and thanks for reading.