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Today’s blog post, is a quick review, which gives you a snippet of some of the popular buys from our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and First Aid range.  Below is a few of the many products from which we supply each day.  Check the rest out here @

Dust Masks & Respiratory Protection 

We offer you a varied amount of different types of dust masks and respiratory protection.  Both for full or half face sizing.  See here for more @


Hi Visibility Vests & Jackets 

Which are made from 100% polyester, are available in different sizes and colours.  Both Hi Vis vests and jackets feature excellent quality reflective strips to maximise visibility. For more see here



First Aid Kits

Here at Etag we provide premium first aid equipment at low prices. We supply first aid boxes for 10, 20 & 50 people.  Look after yourself and your pocket.  See here for more @



We cater for all! From economy work boots, to wellingtons to rigger boots you name it – we have it.  See here for more @




Hand Protection & Gloves

Etag supply excellent quality gloves at low prices to keep your hands safe.  The gloves we supply feature many benefits, some of which include; close fitting, excellent dexterity, high tear and abrasion resistance, and a seamless knitted liner. For more see here @



If what you are looking for isn’t  here. Don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call.  Or click here at to see a full list of what we sell.

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We want to give you a little information on a great organisation we are members of.

We are proud to say we are a member of the FIS organisation, which was created in 2014, from a merger of two previous associations. They provide a unique and powerful voice for this finishes and interior sector. FIS work on behalf of its members to raise awareness and increase the influence of the sector.  Etag Fixings benefits from being a member of the FIS; these include training, advice and technical support.

The mission of FIS is to provide you with the best possible service. They strive to raise, maintain and ensure continuity of high standards, encourage and promote the use of member’s products and services and provide benefits to and represent the interests of its members.

Check FIS out at the fis



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Today’s blog post gives you a few tips on how to keep your site materials and finishes protected from any damage.  Below are a few products we recommend you consider using.  In turn the main benefit of this for you, is not spending any more money than you have to by refinishing or replacing on-site damages materials.

Door Frame Protection

door frame pro

These particular frames are designed to clip around existing door frames to protect the surfaces from any impact damage.  Installation and removal of protection frames are quick and easy.  In comparison to other frames out there, these lightweight frames would be the best option as other frames can be more rigid which results in potential material scratching.

Floor Protection

floor prot

We supply both floor protection and carpet films, which both will serve your needs perfectly.  Both products eliminate the need for using dust sheets which as we all know can be a trip hazard.  Both products boast many benefits mainly they are waterproof products, obviously self-adhesive and you require no need for any tape as it is specially designed to low tack adhere to carpets and wood flooring.

Protection Boards

protection board

Protection boards are sold per sheet and are black in colour as standard but other colours are available.  These boards are a versatile and cost effective way of offering protection.  They are designed to be easily cut and fitted.  Protection boards are also available in flame retardant format.

Window Protection

window protection

Window protection films are sold per roll.  Protecting windows and glazed facades from any scratches, dirt, paint and plaster drops.

The above are just some of a few of the products we supply to protect site materials or finishes from any damage.   So don’t let your hard work go to waste, any further questions you may have our team are more than happy to help.

Catch Etag’s next blog post Monday.

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So today’s blog post is focused on fall arrest kits.


There are various different styles of safety harness kits but all of them accomplish the same task, which is to catch you if you slip and / or fall off a high surface. Many occupations require workers to wear these harness kits, some of which include construction workers, roofers, crane operators, scaffold workers and many more. However, do not fear as we have you covered, see here
It is very important before even putting on the harness that you know what to inspect it for; so first things first, hold the harness by the back D-ring, and allow the straps to fall into place. Make sure the harness has clear and separate colours for the shoulder and thigh straps, so as they are easily distinguished. Also take note to inspect the harness webbing for any cuts, burns or damages. Lastly, carefully look for any evidence of corrosion on the metal parts of the harness.

On the harness we supply, see here at the webbing of the harness is made of polyester. The benefit of this is the harness does not stretch dangerously when subjected to a fall. The reason been, the polyester it is made of has the least elongation properties compared to other materials. Hence, the wearer of the harness does not hold a risk of slipping out of the harness.

For more information on this , please don’t hesitate to give are sales team a call. Harness kits are available to buy from our e-commece site   Buy safety harnesses

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Today’s blog post features a review on our Bespoke Access Panels.  Here at Etag, we have made 1000’s of special bespoke access panels for an enormous range of projects and special applications.  See here at or


Access Panels are a necessity in order to access covered plumbing, electrical and building services.  We take pride in making sure our bespoke access panels blend into any building’s design and are subtle, functional and well-constructed.

When we manufacture these access panels we take you the customer into account.  Etag wants to make the job as easy as possible for you.  So your specification is key, its design accounts for easy installation into walls and we can proudly say we have the flexibility to offer you a wide range of sizes to suit most applications.


Some of the options we make available to you are; fire rated, frame & door construction, door finish options, airtight panels, textured and colour choices and many more.  Education, offshore, energy, skyscraper construction, hospitality and healthcare facilities are only a few of the many projects we have developed access solutions for.

Any special access panel requirements you may have, just give our team a call and we will get it sorted!

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It is almost the end of the working week again and with that comes our latest blog post.

Today’s blog is focused on the unique, one piece Caddy Telescopic Stud Rail.  This easy to assemble stud rail can be found here at or .

download (1)

The telescopic stud rail is adjustable for non-standard stud spacing.  It can be mounted in two different ways either to the face or inside a stud.

The easy installation is an aspect which we all want to hear whilst undertaking a job.  All that is required for this is a screw gun.  See here at  Telescopic stud rails are priced individually, so it lets you ordr the exact amount you need for a job.

As suppliers here at Etag, we know first-hand that it boasts many benefits.  The overall design of the stud rail has been improved enormously with stamped markings and pilot holes.  The stamped markings naturally make for easier identification whilst carrying out a job.  Also designed specially to allow for easier bending whilst using.  The pilot holes allow for easy socket / electrical box attachment with a screwdriver.  It features an interlocking tab which prevents any accidental disassembling occuring.  When used with flexible or rigid conduit or pre-wired cable systems, this in turn reduces movement of the box.

download (2)

Have you any other further questions in regards to this, our team are more than happy to help.

Catch Etag’s next blog post Tuesday.

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So, today we have blog post number two for you.  This blog is focused on head restraints, a key masonry product.


Etag supply MT HR1 head restraints – See here at or

Head restraints allow for vertical movement of blocks which can then accommodate shrinkage or thermal movement of the structural frame or wall of a buildings structure.  Etag head restraints provide the required restraint to the top of any wall.  It is specially designed to give a positive fixing to the head of a wall, without having any visual impact on the finished single skin wall.


The Metfix concealed internal head restraint (otherwise known as MT HR1), is concealed within wall construction.  It is a two part tie which provides a positive fixing into the bed joint.

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So, here goes, this is Etag’s first blog post so we are very excited.  The main aim with this blog is keep you all informed & updated on Etag Fixings, Fix Factory , our products and generally anything we think you would like to read and find informative or helpful.  All questions, queries and suggestions you may have are welcomed.

So for this blog post, we are going to do a product review for you. From our wonderful suppliers Geocel’s range, we stock the highly recommended Airblock Expanding Foam.

Airblock Expanding Foam

See here at or . Airblock comes packaged in a 750ml can and boxed in 12’s.  This foam creates a highly effective air tight barrier to help air seal buildings.  You may ask how it differs from other foams in its field, well Airblock foam hits all those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.  It fills voids and seals which in return, results in providing a huge improvement to energy efficiency.

This Airblock foam boasts many benefits some of which include; it forms an airtight and water resistant flexible seal, has a temperature resistance of -40 to +100 and is fire and acoustic rated.  One of the best aspects of Airblock foam is that it can be used in conjunction with most common materials like; wood, brickwork, concrete, stone, plaster, metal and plastic surfaces.  So it is not specific to just one material (a huge benefit we think) .

That is all for now, hope this helped. Catch Etags next blog post Tuesday.

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