Taping And Jointing

Taping Jointing Products Etag Fixings UK

Here at Etag Fixings UK , we have many products for taping and jointing.

Our Paper Tape can be used to reinforce joints with it’s cross fibre giving the tape excellent strength.

Scrim Tape is a self adhesive, high tack fibreglass that can be used for sealing joints between plasterboard. It also comes in 3 different sizes.

The Flex Metal Corner Tape can be used for bonding 2 corrosion resistant metal strips to paper jointing tape. It is safe to use as it has no sharp edges compared to normal bead or mesh. The Corner Tape is designed for finishing the inside and outside of drywall corners. It’s flexible steel backing fits any angle where traditional beading can not be used. It can also be cut to any length for minimum wastage and there are no special tools required.

The Sanding Block can be adjusted to shape and can be used on wood and metal.

Our Thin Coat Corner Bead is ideal for taping and jointing. Designed for single coat plaster work, it’s typical application includes the division between varying walls finished at varying wall and ceiling abutments, door and window reveals and other built in joinery features.

J Bead is used to reinforce plasterboard edges with the perforated flange fixed flush to the board prior to the final skim coat. J Bead can also be fixed with flange flush to the inner surface to the board for use in projection wall panelling. Coming in 3m lengths.


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