The Simple Solution To Cutting Square Holes

Quadsaw supplier Etag Fixings UK

Quadsaw is a new innovative product that allows you to cut single and double socket holes in plasterboard. It is available to order from Etag Fixings UK now.

Quadsaw will drill a square hole inside 30 seconds. It is a drill attachment that comes with 6 blades  that can cut to a standard single socket and double socket size and can cut to any height. It can cut through up to 32mm plasterboard. The blades can be changed quickly and simply.

Quadsaw gives accuracy with a spirit level and height guide, so there is no marking up. There is little dust and no hacking required. It leaves no damage to the plasterboard. Traditional tools make the job longer, Quadsaw is faster and efficient, and creates a perfect square or rectangle.

Want to see the Quadsaw in action? One of our experienced sales team will bring the Quadsaw to your site for a demonstration.



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