The Star Of Chipboard Screws


Chipboard screws are specifically designed for screwing into engineered wood– self-tapping with a thin core diameter and coarse threads. We supply the Rapierstar StarTurn™ screw – the best multi-purpose chipboard screw – which offers up to 50% quicker drive in time with exceptional holding power.

The StarTurn brand was developed in response to the demands of the timber construction industry, where a faster, more reliable and safer fastening into both timber and engineered wood materials was required. Starting is virtually instant, as the thread begins at the very tip of the screw and cuts a receiving thread into the wood, with the patented Starform cutting portion of the thread reducing drive-torque during screw insertion.

Etag Fixings Star Turn Screws

The StarTurn screws deeper recess and innovative double countersunk head greatly improves screwdriver seating and frictional grip, making it safe. The unique plating and lubricant coating process ensure long life and ease of insertion and includes Zinc and Yellow finishes. The unique patented Starform cutting thread lowers drive-torque and reduces splitting when screws are inserted close to the end or edge of the wood. The sharp point allows for easier penetration and into hardwood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, plastics and thin sheet metal.

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