Access Panels

What are Access Panels?

Access panels are available in various materials, including plastic, metal, and plasterboard, allowing flexibility in their application to suit specific needs and aesthetics. Their primary function lies in enhancing both functionality and accessibility within building structures by enabling maintenance, inspection, and repairs with ease, all while maintaining a clean and polished appearance. Bespoke options are available upon request.

Types of Access Panels

  • Plasterboard Door: These panels can be seamlessly plastered and painted over, concealing both the door and frame for a polished appearance.
  • Metal Door: Featuring a removable flush metal door, these panels offer robust security while remaining relatively lightweight.
  • Plastic Access Panels: A cost-effective and straightforward method for reaching wall cavities. The framing is designed to seal directly onto a structural opening, and the door can be easily removed.
  • Beaded Frame Access Panels: Available in both metal and plasterboard versions, these panels have a beaded steel frame with a plasterboard door. They are meant to be wet plastered into ceiling spaces or walls and feature a beaded edge for seamless plastering up to the door edge, completely concealing the frame.
  • Picture Frame Access Panels: These panels have a 25mm frame that sits on the surface of walls or ceilings. They are used when the surface has already been finished and decorated, making them ideal for retrofitting into existing spaces. Available in plasterboard and metal.
  • Fire Rated Access Panels: These panels can provide up to 2 hours of fire protection, along with excellent water resistance and protection. They are crucial for maintaining the integrity of fire-rated assemblies and ensuring safety in case of a fire, making them essential for specific building environments.

Bespoke Access Panels

At Etag Fixings, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bespoke access panels designed to meet a diverse array of needs. Our commitment to customisation ensures that you have complete control over the specifications of your access panels.

You can tailor the size to your exact requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your project. We also provide various fire rating options, allowing you to choose the level of fire protection that suits your specific requirements. When it comes to frames, we offer both picture and beaded frame options to match your aesthetic preferences. Moreover, our extensive range of colour choices ensures that your access panels seamlessly blend with your interior design.

We understand the importance of security, which is why we offer different locking options to suit your security needs. If noise control is a concern, our acoustic-rated panels can help you maintain a quieter environment.

Additionally, our panels come dust primed, ready for easy installation and decoration. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, meaning we can accommodate all other bespoke options to ensure that your access panels meet your unique project demands.

Bespoke Access Panels Options

We accommodate bespoke requests for your project’s unique demands.

  • Custom-sized
  • Various fire ratings
  • Picture or beaded frames
  • Variety of colour options
  • Different locks are available
  • Acoustic-rated options
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