Evolution A4 Bi-Metal Masonry Screw

For fixing timber battens, trunking, track and general components to concrete and masonry substrate.

  • Head style: 5/16″ hexagonal head
  • Drill point: Type 17
  • Shank material: Bi-Metal
  • Material grade: AISI 316/A4
  • Coating: Electroplated zinc

Carbon steel point and lead thread ensures superior tapping characteristics giving consistent fastening every time.

Bi-metal fasteners have a hardened carbon steel drill point married to a 316 / Euro A4 grade stainless steel shank and head.

Aggressive threadform design ensures consistent tapping and holding power. Fast and simple installation.

Non-expansion fixing allows fixing closer to the edge of the substrate. Euro A4 grade stainless washers available.

Product Range

Supplier CodeSize / Nom. Length (mm)Box CartonMin. Embed. Depth (mm)Max. Embed. Depth (mm)Fixture / Build Up Thickness
A4HH66.3-32-GP6.3 x 321002,40025.0032.00.0-5.0
A4HH6.3-45-GP6.3 x 451002,40025.035.05.0-15.0
A4HH6.3-57-GP6.3 x 57.01002,40025.045.015.0-27.0
A4HH6.3-70-GP6.3 x 70.01001,00025.045.025.0-50.0
A4HH6.3-82-GP6.3 x 82.01001,00025.045.040.0-50.0
A4HH6.3-100-GP6.3 x 100.01001,00025.045.050.0-70.0
A4HH6.3-125-GP6.3 x 125.01001,00025.045.075.0-100.0
A4HH6.3-140-GP6.3 x 140.01001,00025.045.080.0-105.0
A4HH6.3-160-GP6.3 x 160.01001,00025.045.095.0-125.0
A4HH6.3-180-GP6.3 x 180.01001,00025.045.0120.0-145.0
A4HH6.3-200-GP6.3 x 200.01001,00025.045.0140.0-165.0
A4HH6.3-250-GP6.3 x 250.01001,00025.045.0185.0-210.0

Technical Information

A4HH Bi-Metal Masonry Screw Datasheet

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