Evolution Self Tapping Masonry Screw

For fixing timber battens, trunking, track and general components to concrete and masonry substrate.

  • Head style: Slotted hex head
  • Drill point: Nail point
  • Drive bit: 5/16″ hex slotted hex head
  • Shank material: Carbon Steel
  • Material grade: SAE C1022

Available in countersunk head style

Product Range


Supplier CodeSize / Nom. Length (mm)Fixture Build Up (mm)Box Carton
MSHH6.3-32-5166.3 x 32.00.0-7.01003,200
MSHH6.3-45-5166.3 x 45.05.0-20.01001,600
MSHH6.3-57-5166.3 x 57.017.0-32.01002,400
MSHH6.3-70-5166.3 x 70.030.0-45.01001,400
MSHH6.3-82-5166.3 x 82.042.0-57.01001,400
MSHH6.3-100-5166.3 x 100.055.0-75.01001,200
MSHH6.3-125-5166.3 x 125.075.0-1001001,200
MSHH6.3-140-5166.3 x 145.090.0-115.0100600
MSHH6.3-180-5166.3 x 180.0130.0-155.0100450
MSHH6.3-200-5166.3 x 200.0150.0-175.0100450
MSHH6.3-230-5166.3 x 230.0170.0-195.0100300
MSHH6.3-254-5166.3 x 254.0200.0-225.0100300


Supplier CodeSize / Nom. Length (mm)Fixture Build Up (mm)Box Carton
MSHHW6.3-32-5166.3 x 32.00.0-7.01003,200
MSHHW6.3-45-5166.3 x 45.05.0-20.01001,600
MSHHW6.3-57-5166.3 x 5717.0-32.01002,400

Technical Information

MSHH Masonry Screw Datasheet

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