Evolution SuperTek 7 Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screw

For fixing through steel up to 18mm

  • Head style: 5/16″ hexagonal male socket
  • Drill point: SuperTEK 7
  • Thread form: 24 TPI (w / V-fluting)
  • Washer: 16mm washer
  • Shank material: Carbon Steel
  • Material grade: AISI C1022 carbon steel (hardened 55 HRC)
  • Coating: EvoShield 1000
  • Recommended drill speed: 750 1,500 RPM (non-impacting only)

Available in Bi-Metal and Marine

This screw is especially suited to fixing brick ties, components, bracketry and secondary frame elements / sections to primary and secondary steel framing where a weather sealing washer is not required. Longer available lengths are particularly suited to fixing through twin-walled structural sections such as Square (SHS) or Rectangular (RHS) Hollow Box Sections or Parallel Flange Channels (PFC).

Composite panel variant suitable for fixing 75mm to 100mm thick composite insulation panels as well as retention of brick-tie channels to primary and secondary steel frames.

5 / 16″ (8.0mm AF) hexagonal (male) socket head allows rapid installation using standard non-impacting screw drivers and non-impact drive bits.

Product Range

Supplier CodeSize / Nom. Length (mm)Box WasherCartonNom. Diameter (mm)Thread Length (mm)Drill Cap (mm)
TSBW5.5-50-75.5 x 50 100X1,4005.5FULL3.5 – 18.5
TSHW5.5-50-75.5 x 501001,4005.5FULL3.5 – 18.5
TSHW5.5-75-75.5 x 751001,4005.5FULL3.5 – 18.5
TSHW5.5-100-75.5 x 1001001,4005.5503.5 – 18.5
TSHW5.5-125-75.5 x 1251001,0005.5503.5 – 18.5
TSHW5.5-150-75.5 x 1501001,0005.5503.5 – 18.5
TSBWHT5.5-150-75.5 x 150 100X1,2005.5503.5 – 18.5

Technical Information

TSBW SuperTEK 7 Datasheet

TSHW SuperTEK 7 Datasheet

TSBWHT SuperTEK 7 Datasheet

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