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Evolution Fasteners

Evolution provides all accessories for fixings metal framing, boards and insulation.  

Evolution Fasteners is a leading provider of innovative fastening solutions, renowned for their precision engineering and advanced technology. Their comprehensive product range, including self-drilling screws and structural rivets, reflects their commitment to offering efficient and reliable options across industries. 

Evolution Fasteners continually introduces practical designs that streamline assembly processes. Their focus on quality and exceeding industry standards has established them as a trusted name in fastening technology. They offer general framing Systems of fixings studs, joists, runners and bracing sections. 

Fixing to Concrete  

For a variety of applications: hex (washered and unwashered) and countersunk alternatives are available. The aggressive thread form design ensures excellent gripping strength and consistent tapping. Used to anchor wood battens, trunking, rails and other basic compononets into masonry and concrete.  

Fixing brick tie channels to steel

The self drilling high thread composite panel fasteners are used to attach the steel to the channel and the insulation. 

Once the channel is put in place. Wall ties can be placed anywhere along the length of the channel and are built into the bed joints of the outer leaf of the brickwork.

Fixing sheathing boards and timber to steel  

The metric thread with wings is designed to ream out the timber / board to allow the fastener to achieve maximum R.P.M. without burning out.  

Fixing Drylining  

Offer fixing solutions for fixing partitioning, sheathing, and render carrying boards to steel and timber substrates in internal and external applications. 

Fixing plasterboard to steel 

When fixing plasterboard to steel, there are various options depending on the material build up, corrosion level, thickness of steel. 

Fixings insulation to steel

Compatible with a wide range of washers and stress plates. The self drilling point and coarse thread allows for optimum performance in steel and timber substrates. Ideal for fixing insulation to steel or timber purlins.  

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