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Insulation, Consider it done.

We are your trusted supplier of high-quality external insulation solutions for both wall and roof applications, sourced from several leading brands. Our comprehensive product range includes a variety of insulation designed to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Whether you need external insulation for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, we have got you covered. 

We take pride in partnering with renowned brands known for their quality and performance, ensuring that you get the best insulation options available in the market. At Etag, we are committed to providing you with the insulation solutions that guarantee energy efficiency, comfort, and long-term durability. Trust us to meet all your insulation requirements and enhance the efficiency of your spaces.

Benefits of Insulation

  • Energy Efficiency: External insulation helps reduce heat loss through walls and roofs, leading to improved energy efficiency and lower heating or cooling costs.
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance: It provides better insulation compared to internal methods, ensuring a more comfortable indoor environment by maintaining consistent temperatures.
  • Increased Building Lifespan: External insulation protects the structure from weather elements, UV radiation, and thermal stress, leading to extended durability and longevity of the building.
  • Sound Insulation: External insulation can also act as a sound barrier, reducing external noise and improving the acoustic performance of the building.
  • Retrofitting: It can be easily retrofitted to existing buildings, providing an efficient way to improve their energy efficiency and overall performance.
  • Sustainable Solution: Many external insulation materials are environmentally friendly, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious construction practice. 
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